I am thrilled and honored to have been awarded two fellowships yesterday.

The first is through the High Meadows Environmental Institute’s Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy program (HMEI-STEP). I was awarded the fellowship for my proposed STEP thesis project, Examining Reforestation Potential of Agricultural Land in the Continental United States. I will be advised by professor David Wilcove, and will be using this thesis as an opportunity to think more deeply about the political and economic implications of placing biological carbon sinks on farmland in the US.

The second fellowship is a two-year position with Princeton Energy and Climate Scholars (PECS). This fellowship will be an opportunity to meet monthly with a suite of peers and professors to discuss our work and current progress in the field. PECS will also involve community outreach, and will be a fantastic opportunity for enhanced discourse on and off campus.

I have been working towards these programs for a few years now, as they seemed like the perfect opportunity to get involved with climate policy. I eagerly await the chance to work with many respected colleagues through both of these awards.

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