Department of Energy, Office of Policy

I was fortunate enough to have spent the past four months with the Office of Policy at the Department of Energy in Washington D.C. This summer was a chance to engage deeply with the science policy work which I have, until now, had to watch from a distance.

The beginning of this internship had me diving right into the deep end. By the end of my time at DOE, I had earned my sea legs and was writing testimonial and high impact briefings, pulling together slide decks and memos for internal use, drafting and giving presentations, and reading and summarizing tax codes and bill text.

I was also deeply lucky to have been present at DOE during the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act; to see the tireless work of so many federal employees come to fruition with such landmark legislation was incredibly moving and only further solidified my passion for public policy.

I am deeply grateful to all of my mentors and colleagues at DOE and at Princeton for a successful summer. I cannot wait for my next chance to engage in public policy.

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